I am Saskia, parisian by choice, amateur photographer and maman

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Wellcome to my windowsill – my view on Paris

I am Saskia, originally from near Frankfurt / Main in Germany and in 2017 – with a little diversion via Munich – became a Parisian, located in the 9th arrondissement.

Photography is one of my big interests. I just love to find the little things and details which can be located everywhere and capturing the atmosphere of my surroundings. So my focus is clearly on street photography.

Before moving to Paris I participated in an intercultural training which lead my attention to all the small and big differences between the cultures and how to cope with them in everyday live. Even though we are basically next-door neighbours these differences are sometimes quite big and can lead to unexpected misunderstandings. Which will then maybe lead to a feeling of being unwelcome and not fitting in… Especially if you are a parent, raising your child/ren in such an „unknown“ environment.

So I figured it might be a good idea to share some of these experiences and share my stories. Either you are (hopefully) a little amused or maybe you can even draw some information out for your own use and understanding.

Oh, and since I am a great music lover (rock and pop) who also loves going to concerts, you might also find some content on this here.


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